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Link Products for Impreza GT Turbo 1998

Ricardo Marques

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Hello! Im looking for availability/info of link products (plug-in, displaylink, etc..) for my impreza gt turbo 98. vin:JF1GC8LD3WG071572 applied model: GC8FL8D option code: ER engine type: EJ20GNW6NA I seen info on link plug-in regarding different applications (road and rally) what are the main differences between these? thanks for any help! Ricardo.

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We used to offer plug in replacement ECU's for that WRX model, but these have been discontinued and have been replaced by the LEM G3 used with a special plug in adapter.  These are far superior to the old plug in ECU's in the way of tuneability.  There used to be a difference between road and rally as the rally version sacrificed PC tune for anti-lag.  The LEM G3 is not feature limited for road or rally versions.  At the moment we can offer either the LinkPlus G2 as a wire-in or a LEM G3 with adapter.  displayLink can be used with either.  Contact [email protected] for pricing info.

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