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Toyota Starlet 4efte base map

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Hello ! Just installed and cranked my new engine with LINK G4 storm but im having some trouble setting up some basic parameters and was wondering if someone here had a base map for the Toyota Starlet 4EFTE. If someone does have one please reply here, but mail me the file to [email protected]. Any help would be appreciated , even based maps from the Link G3 cause i am desperate. The guys in Thor-Racing where i bought the Link ECU told me they didnt have any base maps. Thanks in advance !!!

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Hi Joseph,

The G4 Tuning program can be downloaded for free off this website, http://www.linkecu.com/support/dlandswupdates/PCLink-downloads

You will need a G4 computer (Storm, Xtreme, Plug-In) to be able to use the software of course.

-Konstantinos, we don't have a base map either, I don't know if anyone has emailed you one, but what parameters are you struggling with?



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Thank you Cameron for your reply, After a lot of cranking and A/F monitoring i managed to maintain a smooth idle but i am facing trouble with my Wasted Spark coils Overheat. Before installing the G4 ECU I replaced the distributor ignition system with Oem Toyota Corolla 4EFE crankshaft trigger wheel and the OEM Ignition coils , wired them accordingly to the ecu and callibrated the trigger signal. Therefore the engine cranks and starts fine but after 3-4 minutes of idle run the coils overheat and eventually die and i have already replaced 1 of them. Some guy told me that it was the Dwell setting but that is already too low (3-3,5ms). The coils i use have the Ignition module embeded and are falling edge (from what i figured out after some tests). Is there something i should alter in my ignition settings that could solve my problem?

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