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Twin Engine Cars Running Link ECU Setup.......

Adam Beard

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I have been building a Twin Engine car over in the UK. The car is called a Opel/Vauxhall Corsa running 2 x C20LET 2lt 16v Turbo engines both engines have been built to take 500bhp mark. Its now the time i get my control systems. I spoke to a Link rep back in jan2006 about my project at the UK Autosport, He said that LINK may be able to offer me a system where i can run one ECU to control both engines. Anyone know of any twin engine cars which run one ECU? Anyone know weather LINK can offer the system i am looking for? OR weather there after a UK Demo car :D hahahaha Few pics of my car Front Engine a> Rear Engine a> Side shot a> Thanks for any advice

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OK, at this stage we cant offer a single ECU to do two engines... As far as I know nobody does.  I hear the trick to twin engine cars is in the tuning of the individual motors to have the exact same power curves.... This is hard in practice as air temperatures and intake pressures can vary between the engines when you get going down the track.  I suggest using two seperate ECU's.  As far as I know there are no systems out there that offer any dynamic power balance solutions yet. 

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