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lem g1 hard start and shutting down


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i have a lem g1, the tag on the outside says subaru d42v4 280404. i installed this engine and computer used into my sand rail and ran it last winter, worked great! this summer i moved to oregon and it did not get used until i tried to use it last weekend, the engine has always started very easy, now it is hard starting. once running it was only running on 3 cylinders, we checked for spark at coil, had it, put new plugs in, now it was running on all 4. went to run it and when we hit 4000 rpm it acted like it hit the rev limit, just shut down, then it would take off again. at one time it was only hitting on 2 cylinders, started back to all 4 and sounded great. when sitting in one place, not moving it does not shut it down, only when moving under load. any ideas?

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Sounds like most likely a wiring issue here.  You will have to do some diagnostic work on that one.  Watch all the parameters in PCLink to see what is unusual when the engine is cutting out.  You may nheed to take it to a tuner and get the problem resolved.  It could be something simple like a fuel delivery problem.  In fact there are so many things that it could be I dont know where to start.  Always go through the basics first...

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