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G2 Link Plus?

Brad Stine

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Hopefully one of you can help... I recently purchased a V5 STi (ej207) swapped GF8 Impreza. It's currently running off of a G1 wire-in Link ECU, but only idles well when warm. Cold starts are also an issue. I'd like to use this as a regularly-driven car, so I need to address these problems. I talked to the guys at Link LA yesterday, and I think I would be better served if I switched my Link unit from a G1 to a G2. The tech said that the G2 would plug right into my existing wiring, and it is far more advance than the G1. Unfortunately, since G2s are no longer made I have a problem. I could go G3, but would have to wire it... Well, that and the cost of buying a new G3... So, a couple of questions: -Anyone have a used G2 wire-in they want to unload? Or, -Anyone know where I could get a new or used G2? Or, -Anyone know how well I can get a G1 to cold-start and cold-idle? Thanks! -Brad

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