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Serial Output format for Digital Inpu


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Hi I have two wheel speed sensors reading off VR sensors to my G4 Xtreme. I am in the process of purchasing a dedicated external data logger, and would like to know the following : When those 2 DI (DI#1 and DI#2 in my case) are outputted via the serial interface, do they get sent as sine waves, or are they converted to square waves? I am assuming the G4 converts the sine wave to square wave internally for it's processing, therefore I am hoping that a square wave would get output. Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope to test this, hence my question. Thanks Paul

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I want to use a Race Technology DL1, which will be connected to the G4 via the ECU interface. It requires that speed inputs be square wave. My car has VR wheel speed sensors, which is why I hoped that the G4 would convert the signal for me. So if I understand correctly, I can configure 2 DI's for ground speed and driven speed respectively, and the DL1 will receive a square wave signal from the G4? Nice. Thanks for the reply.

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