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Flat Shift using a G4+ Storm


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Hi all!

So, I wired in my clutch switch and set it up in DI1. How do I enable and configure flatshifting? Flat Shift is mentioned in help files, but there is nothing really helpful to guide me through it's set up procedure.



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Hi Justasg,

this is an advanced feature that would normally be setup by a dealer, however you are welcome to try it ot and ask for assistance.

This feature is really aimed at high end full sequential gearboxes, with bi directional strain gauges fitted.

However you can still set this up using 2 digital inputs to let the ECU know of up shift and downshift.

If you turn the function on and go to each setting, right click and click on the WHAT'S THIS and seek the HELP FILE will explain most of the setup.



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