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Setup for pressure sensors


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I`m almost done with my Nissan S15 with a 2JZ-VVTi swap.

We`ve made the harness from buying just the looms from NZEFI.com.

I`m now having a bit of a problem with my pressure sensors. I purchased the 130psi pressure sensors from NZEFI (http://www.nzefi.com/product/oil-pressure-sensor-0-150-psi/ ).

We had to make a new Cal table for them, but they give way too low values from what they should be.. Anyone that can help? We`re only getting around 160-180 kPa on the oil pressure.

I`ve set the cal table like this:

Input value A: 0.50 V

Input Value B: 4.50 V

Output Units: PSI

Output Value A: 0.0 PSI

Outout Value B: 130.0 PSI


I have to mention the car had low level of oil when we fired it up, but should give around 6-9 bar of oil pressure at idle when cold.

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