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New to the tuning scene just banged together a rb25det with 1000cc injectors and ls2 truck coils. Put 50% in for fuel and she started straight away but is running rough as. Just need some ball park figures of things to change enough for me to get onto the trailer. Running wideband could this be messing with it?
Quickly ran it before pulling motor out with ls2 truck coils and it started up fine with base map.



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Hi Carl,

Did you calibrate the TRIGGER OFFSET and carry out a WIDEST SLOT TEST.

What AFR are you seeing.

Did you load the correct injector dead time data into the software.

The WIDEBAND being connected will not effect it.

There are a lot of steps to getting the engine up and running correct before being able to drive it.

You say you have ID 1000 cc injectors , What fuel pressure are you running.

50 as your  MASTER maybe acceptable for it to fire straight up however, once fired you also have AFTER START ENRICHMENT,WARMUP ENRICHMENT ETC ETC ETC.

You also need to calibrate the TPS and MAP sensor,

Try to get the engine running at around 13.5:1 for a base line figure to POSSIBLY get it on the trailer.




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Thanks for the quick reply Dave
Turns out the cheap plug I used for the coil pack loom was the cause of it running rough.

Trigger offset, Widest slot test, TPS, MAP are all done and 50% on the fuel master and an volt 2 set to innovate lc wideband. The car starts and idles alot better now the plug is fixed. Fuel pressure is 3.5 bar. Haven't touched the injector dead times yet but I have just found the injector calibration report which lists the deadtimes at 1000cc 3 bar so I can do that tomorrow. I haven't run the car long or bought it up to temp.

I'm running 2D fuel map so will have to workout the deadtimes for 3.5 bar right? the current dead times are pretty far off so I should atleast start with the 3bar ones?
I also want to get better settings for my ls2 coilpacks as they could fail due to the wrong settings?
After those 2 are sorted I should be sweet to bring it up to temp and watch runtimes and try to acheive a 13.5:1 afr with autotune?

Dead times from injector report/balance at 3bar
8 1.144 
9 1.033
10 0.923
11 0.933
12 0.744
13 0.672
14 0.600
15 0.528
16 0.456
17 0.38
18 0.312

Thanks for the big help!

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yes you need to fill out the dead time values correctly,

You running fuel pressure dead time values end up very close to 50 PSI, so use the 50 psi data row I have supplied at the top of the V series FORUM Titled Injector Dynamics Dead Times.

You are Welcome.

Keep us informed if you have any further problems.

I will post up a dwell table to suit your coils soon.



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