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V88 injector scale?


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Hi I'm new to this forum. Have a vipec v88 in a r33 skyline. I'm currently running denso 850cc injectors and e85. I have a new fuel rail and ID1000 injectors I would like to put in. I was wondering if there is a way to install these injectors and get it to run so I can drive it nicely to my tuner? Any help would be great as I have no idea about ecu mapping. Thanks 

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Hi Flemo,

you will need to add all of the injector data as in regards to injector dead times etc, are the old injectors low impedance with resistors or high impedance, if high impedance the drivers can be left alone.

Decrease the fuel master by the % increase the new injectors are over original size.

This will putt you in the ballpark, however there maybe spray pattern differences between your old and new injectors that make for small hesitations etc.

You may need to use the trim % under the Fuel setup tab below the master and set it slightly richer or leaner based on the AFR.



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Hi, thanks for your quick response. I have no idea what impedance my old injectors are. There old 850cc denso side feed injectors. I think I'll just get them to fit and tune. There only a 15 min drive from me. Just wanted to see if I could fit and drive steady, but all good thanks. 

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