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Adding injectors to base map


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Hi all,

Just put a gtrlink into my r32 gtr. 

I need to get the car running good enough to get a wheel alignment done before I trailer it 600kms to my tuner..

Just need to work out how to tell the ecu I have 660cc injectors?

The injectors if it matters are Denso 195500-0610 660cc


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Hi dave32gtr,

you will only have the ability to input the injector cc's if you choose MODELLED FUEL EQUATION or MODELLED MULTI FUEL.

If you have your FUEL MAIN FUEL EQUATION setup as TRADITTIONAL, you don't have the option to insert the precise injector data.

You should try to use the MODELLED fuel equation when being tuned, however the Traditional setting has been left to make for easier starting and tuning.




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