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g4 extreme drivers


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Hi all new to this forum and the link too.


Basicly i have a mk4 supra running the extreme ecu.

Im new to it so still getting to grips. I am no tuner but know a few bits and like to learn.


Few days ago cylinder 6 started missing....tried all sorts but turns out no signal coming from the ecu pin. So guessing driver has failed. Cars been running spot on since ownership (1year) )

So anyways what ive done is told car its a 7 cylinder and swapped drivers for number 7. Ive also switched firing order so cylinder 6 fires as 7 and 7 fires as 6.

The ignition test says its all fine as can hear coil firing so wires all good and its getting signal.


Started car up and it sounda awful....banging away and missing/firing at wrong time it seems


Have i missed something as in essence all ive done is swapped drivers around.....??? 


Regards jon

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Hi jon9985,

Firstly, if the ECU is not working correctly and the number 6 ignition driver is faulty I would strongly advice sending it back for a warranty check.

Very unusual for an ECU to have this failure as every ECU is BAKE TESTED before dispatch, ( PUT INTO EXTREMME HEAT AND FREEZING CONDITIONS ) and tested before release.

It is by no means impossible something has failed as we are dealing with electronics here.

Changing the file to 7 or 8 cylinder and then changing the firing order and the wiring  to suit is fine but you must also do the same for the injectors as they are sequential also.



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I thought it were unusual that driver had gone down too. I am talking to link themselves but they replied quickly and now have seem to of forgotten about me. Am located in uk so not sure where to seek help with link.


Anyways i am grateful for reply....i shall get on it tomorrow and let you know the outcome.


Regards jon

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Morning....so i have taken injector drive 6 and wired it into 7. Turned the injector drive via ecu function to injection fired her up and it still doesnt sound right... have lumpy idle.


Is there something else i need to do to injector/ignition as im running out of ideas...??


Basicly i have done the following.


Configured setup to be a 7 cylinder

Changed firing order to suit....(spark on cyl 6 fires in order 4th through driver 7)

Used injector drive 7 for cyl 6.



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Hi jon9985,

First up,

YOU WOULD NEED TO SET THE ENGINE CYLINDER COUNT TO 6 CYLINDER NOT 7, the ECU will get lost with firing sequences etc based off the tooth count under the trigger settings.

These ECU's are very very clever but unfortunately not that clever.

Other thing to confirm 100% is,

When the ECU was wired up, were the injector and ignition outputs wired as 1 to cyl 1, 2 to cyl 2, 3 to cyl 3 etc.

Or were they wired in firing order 1 to cyl 1, 2 to cyl 5, 3 to 3, 4 to cyl 6 etc.

You will need t match the firing order as per how the car was terminated.

If wired 1 to cyl 1, and 2 to cyl 2, etc output matches cylinder number, then your firing order should be set as 1, 5, 3, 7, 2, 4

If wired 1 to 1 , 2 to 5 , 3 to 6 etc, then your firing order must be set to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Turn the Injection mode to OFF.

Then carry out an Injector Test and confirm that each injector fires correctly as per output.

Then carry out an Ignition Test and confirm that each coil is firing correctly as per output.

Turn Fuel back on by setting back to sequential from off.

Also remove spark plugs and confirm none are wet or black with heavy carbon fouling.

Clean or replace.



Edited by Dave Kriedeman
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Hi dave thanks for reply.


I will have a look tomorrow but i couldnt find a way to use driver 7 without configuring it to think it was running a 7 cylinder car...??


Im pretty certain coils and injectors are wired cyl 1 : ign1. Inj 1driver

Cyl 2 : ign 2. Inj 2 driver  etc etc....


Will have a ganders tomoz as need to get this sorted as at castle combe track on sat!!


Will also post pics of what ive changed.


Regards jon

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So had a tinker and this where im at.


Checked how igt and inj are wired. 


Cyl 1 is inj and ign 1

Cyl 2 is inj and ign 2 and so on


Ive configed ecu to run as 7 cyl as without doing so it seems i am unable to use driver ign 7.

Ive used auxiliary outputs for fuel and ignition as shown in pics.


On cylinder 6 ive swapped both ign and inj drivers from 6 to 7 (1 pin along on ecu)


Ive tested ign and get spark from cyl 1 all the way to cyl 6 but obviously have to use "7" to fire the 6th coil and injector.


I have spark in each coil and fuel from each injector.


Started car up and it seems to run a bit better since changing firing order (see pic) but still isnt right.


While car was running i pulled coils off one at a time starting with cyl 1. Engine note changed and it struggled


Cyl 2 it ran no different


Cyl 3 it nearly cut out


Cyl 4 it ran no different


Cyl 5 itnearly cuta out


Cyl 6 it changes note but continues running


All coil are sparking while removing but idle is lumpy and up and down


Im stumped as to what is going on.


Oh and i cant seem to upload the pics i took on my phone :-/


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Soooo me again.....i was fed up so thought as one last attempt i would revert everything back to the way it was....driver 6....ign and inj and 6 cylinder configuration in firing order......and wham.... it fired up fine.....


So i havent got a duff driver somehing else is up....possible earth....??? 


Anyways....looks like i can make castle combe but will be looking in meantime for gremlins



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