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Cruise control setup


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Hi, 2jz-gte Vvti, g4+ extreme, original Toyota e-throttle in use.

Cruise control is working pretty good. In higher speeds (+110kph) it's ok. Also when cruise is accelerating , nice and smooth. In lower speeds cruise is pretty rough, opens throttle body too agressive. And ride is far away smooth.

What's this? is awesome! But there is not much about Proportional, Integral and derivate gains. And how they effect to cruise control.

I'm currently running stock G4+ cruise control settings. Newest firmware.

Thank You!



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Hi Finbimmer,

Does the DBW work nice and smooth, responsive and controllable when just driving normally without cruise control on.

If so, I would suggest setting up a secondary E THROTTLE TARGET TABLE with less aggressive throttle % settings in the table.

You could activate this off the same Digital Input as you use for the Cruise Control ENABLE.

When this is turned on it uses Table 2 with less throttle blade movement than the Main E THROTTLE target Table 1.

I would suggest you use the same PID settings as the MAIN E THROTTLE SETUP if it works nicely in normal mode.

Then try the example have added below, play with the E THROTTLE TABLE 2 VALUES TO SUIT YOUR LIKING.

Adjust the PID values under the Cruise Control PID settings to achieve smooth operation.



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