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Simple Switchable maps question


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This is probably a very noob question - I have a switch on my dash for Race and Eco modes. When I upload or download the between the ECU and the software, does it load up both lots of settings (ie for both Race and Eco modes), or do I have to download/upload the settings for each individually?

i assumed that the dash switch is telling the ECU to use different maps/ tables/ logic for things like fuel/boost/ignition/water spray/trims etc, but all of those 'settings' are the one 'tune' for the purpose of uploading or downloading between the ECU and the software. Ie you only need to download once to capture both Race and Eco modes. 

Assuming the above correct, for any different maps/ tables/ settings, am I looking for an 'active 1' and 'active 2' tables to review each mode?

Thank you and sorry if this is a simple question. 

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