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G4+ Fury or Xtreme


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Im looking to upgrade the ECU in my Subaru Forester.  Vehicle is a 2004 built AUDM MY05 XT.  Has a 2.5L turbo engine.  With Electronic throttle.  Intake AVCS.  Running on E85.  Everything else is pretty heavily modified.  The car is being set up for tarmac/circuit sprints.


I wondering which ECU to go with.  Its looking like a WRX/STi plug in is not going to work.  (am waiting for 100% confirmation on this.)  So its looking like a wire in us the way to go.  


Which model Link would be the best to go with?   The xtreme or the Fury?   Im thinking the Fury maybe because of the built in wideband.  But i already have a near new PLX Gen4 SM-AFR.  (and all other PLX SM's and a few displays too)


I wont be tuning it.  It will go to my current tuning house.  They have recommended Link and its what they prefer to use.  They have advised me that my current setup really needs to upgrade to an aftermarket ECU.  


Just wondering if any one can steer me in a good direction and explain why you would choose one or the other.  (in basic terms please)



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Hi Bram,

my advice would be to go onto the LINK website and go to products.

Select the standalone ECU's.

Look at all the features of the EXTREME and compare to the FURY.

The Extreme has more inputs etc.

Without us really knowing what your setup consists of it is hard to advise.



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Thanks.  I have been looking through it.  But i cant really make sense of it.  Which is why im asking.  (It would be good if Link published a product comparison chart that had the ECUs listed side by side, showing which had what features etc in an easy to compare format)  

I dont even know how many inputs/outputs i will need.  Enough to run a Subaru EJ25 engine with AVCS, eThrottle, possible flex fuel (thats not a high priority given the vehicles use), would also like 2 step limiter and launch control.  And anti-lag (able to turn on/off).  An output to control intercooler sprayer would be nice.  Will want an IAT post intercooler and to get rid of the MAF sensor in favour of MAP based management.  And also would like to one day upgrade to a Race Technology Dash display.  And have as many spare inputs to use for the PLX sensors if possible.  (not high priority, but would be good to make use of considering i have them already.)  Car has no air-conditioning.  And has had the tumble generator valves, actuators and sensors removed.


The rest of the mods to the car is upgraded engine internals including Kelford r199a cams.  Blouch Dom 2.5Xtr (basically a stock location billet wheel Garret GT3071R.  All the bolts on you can think of.  A STi driveline / crossmember swap with upgraded everything else.  Carbon clutch, upgraded brakes, LSDs, r-comps etc.



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i am of the opinion its best to just get the highest spec ECU i can afford.  But what i want to know is how important is the built in wibeband controller in the Fury VS not having it in the Xtreme?  

As far as tuning goes, will that be better than having an external wibeband controller connectedtl to the ECU?   Will the built in one allow for a safer tune or have better results than an external? 

As said,  i have a near new PLX gen4 AFR module which can output a signal to the ECU.  It uses the Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor.  (i think thats the same as the fury??? )

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Hi Bram.

I love the FURY for 4 and 6 cylinder installations.

Having a direct onboard wideband does have advantages.

The ECU monitors the wideband at all times for errors.

If using a standalone unit , one must assume the WB SENSOR is ok.

With the FURY if there is a fault it will show up in the run time values.

You are correct the FURY does use the LSU 4.9 sensors.



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Good day to you Bram.

Dave is very much correct in that we would need a fair bit of feedback to answer you with more detail. However, I can completely understand where you are coming from when you say that you don't understand the listed features. I would advise that you speak with the chosen EFI calibrators as they will be able to give you a more definite response with respect to what you will need to have to meet the engine demands presently and what might come in the way of available extras. They or a Link dealer will best be able to help you directly.

For your personal knowledge and understanding the present ECU product line from Link all use the same G4+ platform. With the exception of the Atom, all other ecus have on-board knock detection, 25 channels of data logging, Motorsport features and the OBD-II CAN output protocol. From there the ECUs can be simplified and differentiated based on available input channels and output channels. As you go higher in model you can expect to see a higher count for inputs and outputs, as well as a greater diversity on the types of these inputs and outputs. For example, inputs channels can cover switched signals which are simple on and off (activation switch of ALS) to digital like that of a high frequency (vehicle wheel speed/compressor wheel speed from a turbocharger) based signal. Inputs also come in the manner of transducers (pressure sensors - MAP, EBP & crank case) and thermistors (temperature sensors). Outputs can be viewed as injector control circuits, relay operated circuits (fuel pump & radiator fans) all the way through to advanced pulse width modulation controlled devices such as solenoids (boost & some idle control valves) to variable valve timing actuators or even drive-by-wire modules.

I really hope that this is helping you and not confusing you. What I do for ECU sales where I am asked to either make an advisory or if I am doing the installation and calibration work myself, I normal put the project down on paper where the inputs, outputs and the specifics for the calibration work is laid out in a manner where you differentiate what is needed upfront and what is being requested as extra (would-like-to-have functionality). From there it's easy to see what ecus will be a good match, what ecus will leave the project with a loss of functionality, and what ecus will cover the project entirely with room for expansion. In theory, this should be the end user experience from an authorized dealer or support personnel.

Should you have more specific questions that you will like to ask then please feel free to follow up accordingly and we will try to assist you as best as we can.


Thanks for choosing the Link brand, cheers!

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