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Xtreme or Atom ?


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Good day to you M.johnny and thank you for the enquiry.

For a 2JZ with active variable valve timing I would advise the Xtreme Black Edition based on your choices. You will be able to control the injectors in sequential mode as well as the ignition with a direct fire strategy. Another upside would be the available analog voltage and analog temperature channels which can be used to monitor many systems on your car. You can use them to evaluate anything from effectiveness of an oil cooler by mounting temperature sensors before and after the cooling core. Or, you can choose to mount pressure transducers and potentiometers which can enable you to look at brake pedal pressure, suspension travel, fuel pressure, oil pressure and even exhaust back pressure if so desired. With the Xtreme you will also have quite a few switched inputs available to enable and disable features such as launch control, anti-lag strategies, alternate fuel/ignition/wastegate (boost) tables, compressor wheel speed, driven as well as non-driven wheel speed for traction control strategies or even data logging.

The Atom is more geared to a basic four cylinder or two/single cylinder engines which only need to basics. The Atom isn't geared towards a competition setup and as such it lacks features which are synonymous with Motorsports. 

Should you have more specific questions please feel free to respond accordingly. Cheers!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that the Link Fury is an excellent solution for your engine as well. The main difference between the Fury and the Xtreme Black Edition would be the additional inputs and outputs the Xtreme has, but the Fury has support for onboard lambda so all you will need is a common Bosch LSU 4.9. I always find it best to outline what you need to control with the ECU of choice along with what functionality you will like the ECU to manage for you, then you can draft up a simple matrix breakdown of the ECU(s) you are looking at. Your calibrator should be able to assist you or your nearest Link dealer.

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