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PCLink software crashes when laptop is plugged/unplugged to AC


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I have PCLink running on my laptop.  I can run it off batteries or with the AC supply plugged in.  Either way is fine and perfectly stable.  However, if I plug in or unplug the AC supply while PCLink is running, sometimes it will crash.

It doesn't happen every time and I haven't been able to consistently reproduce the problem.  Though it seems to happen when I least want it to (like after I've logged a good run and I forget to save it before disconnecting the power source)

Any ideas why this is happening? 


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Good day.

I stand to be corrected here, but this sounds like a power management setting from within Windows which is resetting (momentarily interrupting) the USB connection when the power source is altered. I would try disabling the feature so that nothing happens as you transition from AC power to battery power and vice versa on your laptop.

You should be able to find the Advanced Power Settings within any version of Windows by going through the Control Panel. I think you should be safe by adjusting the USB entry only and nothing else, so all other entries can be left as is or at least to your preference as an end user. This is of course assuming that this is the source of your problem. If the problem persists then we will have to revisit with additional feedback.


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Hi PitBull,

as Damien has mentioned I had an issue with my current tuning laptop,

It was setup to go into low power mode on the USB ports and this gave me issues.

Just do a search and look for Power Saving Mode USB ports.

Also double check your comms setups for the Laptop and ECU this information can be found in great detail in the LINK HELP FILES under COMMUNICATIONS.



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Good day.

Just as Dave has pointed out, this should have resolved the problem. Nothing else comes to mind, except for the loss of data flow through the communication port.

I know this will be putting you out of your way but can you confirm whether you are using the same USB port always, or if you are using a single (same) USB port in every instance. Also, if you abruptly disconnect the communication cable, will this crash the PCLink in the same manner, or will you revert to an offline status in the PCLink software?

With an intermittent problem, it can be difficult to have an absolute resolution. I would hate to ask that you try using another laptop for an extended interval, with the USB power mode disabled and comm port settings optimized of course, but this might be another alternative.

Having said this though, your best practices approach is actually the ideal response to the described instance.

Thanks again for sharing your experience, cheers!

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Hi PitBull ,

when you state the LAP TOP CRASHES can you be more specific on what happens.

For example you are online with the ECU and then the ECU loses comms with the laptop.

Or does the LAPTOP Physically crash as in BLUE SCREEN of DEATH.

When the issue happens does hitting the F3 key allow you back online or do you have to shut PC LINK down and disconnect the USB tuning cable and start from scratch again.



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