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Exhaust overheat dash light ST205 plugin


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that missing pin would appear to be pin 59.

I take it the EGT light is separate to the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.

Does the engine have a dedicated pyrometer for this input.

The input may possibly be used but normally any EGT input must be conditioned via an amplifier of some description.

If the signal was compatible then an aux o/p could be setup to activate the light using GP output or a Virtual Auxillary.

However I believe the signal will be unusable on its own.




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Yeah separate light to the CEL

It's a 2nd sensor in the exhaust after the cat.

I no longer have the cat, nor the sensor, I'm about to do exactly that and repin the wire to an Aux GP output and use that as my own custom warning for other things (Antilag activated or high IAT warning etc) but I wanted to make sure Link wasn't already doing something hard coded with that output/light as my buddy that sold me the G4 said he thinks the light actually comes up on key-on


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