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External accellerometer support


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So the new Thunder ECU looks friggen amazing! 

It's on my Santa's wishlist haha. 

One distinct new feature thing that's cool is the onboard Accellerometer, and calibrating/conditioning the signals from it.  

However I was thinking since you've already got all of the guts of the code for accellerometer support, is there any chance we could have Acellerometer X,Y,Z as analog or digital inputs on the other G4+ ECUs for running one externally? 

I had this setup previously with my Xtreme, but since there was no logic or conditioning of the 3 inputs it was fairly meaningless data.

It would be really cool to be able to get this working, and external 3 axis 0-3.3v accelerometers are criminally cheap:


Even if using a Thunder, there's benefit to being able to remotely mount an accellerometer as close to the vehicles roll centre as you can, rather than offset to one side where the ECU might be.

To minimise the interpretation of "roll" as "lift" and so on. 

Or in some cases it might be useful to have two accelerometers mounted front and rear of the vehicle or whatever, maybe for drift cars or something.

While we're on the topic of the wishlist though, thanks a lot for adding RPM as an axis for the staged injection in the latest firmware! 
Much appreciated, I'm looking forward to getting this setup and tuned.

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