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Nissan VK45DE setup


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Hi there,

I am in the last phase of the project, wiring and electronics, however, I am uncertain of which route to go with regards to ECUs.

I have a VK45DE in a Nissan Silvia S14, and I am looking at getting a Link G4+ Xtreme, however, I would like to find out a few things prior to purchasing.

Because the VK45DE is rarely used in swaps, how hard would it be to configure the settings? Assuming it's similar to the VH45DE, would basemaps and activation (and deactivation) of VVT be the same? (Same, as in aux controlled via rpm)

I have looked at AEM Infinity, however, there is no plug and play solution as the cam/crank timing pattern isn't supported; if that is also the case with Link, would a crank trigger + pick up work in conjunction with the stock Camshaft Position Sensor (bank 1 and bank 2)? 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi vk_s14,

There is a lot of Nissan trigger patterns available in the software already, no VK45 DE however, there is VK56 VVT, but I have no idea if the triggers are compatible.

There are very few occasions when you CAN NOT setup your own TRIGGER PATTERNS with PC LINK.

Can you confirm crank trigger tooth count, sensor type and Cam sensor tooth account and sensor type.

How many cam sensors does the engine have and do you have tooth counts for these cam sensors for the VVT.



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