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Being able to add datalog values "in post"


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Lets say you just datalogged something, then you make some changes to the map in some way.

In some instances it would be cool if you could display an "altered" value overlayed on the datalog based on values from the map rather than the datalog.

Some examples:

You're calibrating your speedo. You know that at 3200rpm in 5th gear, you're doing 100kph. 

Your datalog shows that you're only doing 85kph with a calibration value of 170.

It would be cool if you could adjust the calibration value and then see the speed line change on the datalog. 
So you can tweak that 170 value up and down until you get it bang on 100kph at 3200rpm just by looking at the datalog. 

Or another example, when you're setting up knock control and you have a graph with the knock values and the knock threshold. 

It would be cool to see the knock threshold change on the graph as you change the table values, so you can adjust it at one point and then scan the rest of the datalog to make sure that changing it hasnt "clipped" the knock levels elsewhere. (which may indicate you need more rows on your knock level table)

Or you could set your knock threshold super high, drive around at lots of load zones and then just in a single sitting with the datalog drag down the knock thresholds to the points where it has enough head room but doesnt go below the noise level.

It could also have the benefit of that if you didnt need the realtime data logged, and overlaying data from the map was fine instead (for example you could log the knock levels, but not the threshold) it frees up one of your 25 datalogging parameters for something else.

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