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"Snapping" to cells in the log screen


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When looking at datalogs, say of an RPM pull through the rev range. Essentially I'm looking to refine the value in a cell, so I end up manually shuffling through to until the engine rpm (or whatever) matches a row on my table.

So for example if I click on a random spot and it's at 6300rpm. I'll manually scroll across until it gets to 6500rpm (the closest cell) and then look at the AFR value and adjust it.

It would be cool if there was an option to turn on an option that when you scroll with the keys, it "snaps" to either the horizontal or vertical rows of a table.

So you click "left" and it jumps forward to 4000rpm. then 4250. then 5000rpm. then 5500rpm. etc.

And maybe show them on the plot as well, something like this but not so crappy looking haha.





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only my opinion, but if you have a cell at example 6300 rpm that the AFR is out, I usually maths key tune the 6000 and 6500 rpm, or you can insert that axis point if you really want to as in add 6300 rpm to the rpm axis.

Personally I choose the 6000 and 6500 maths key option.

This adjusts both sites plus the interpolation between the two cells.



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I'm meaning something a bit different

If you look at the grey vertical markers in the background, these relate to rpm divisions that scale depending on how far zoomed in you are...
Imagine if they indicated the rpm divisions in your fuel table instead, and you could jump your point on the log straight to one of these vertical markers.

What I mean is, instead of hitting the right arrow key and it slowly scrolls through the log.

If you could press the left arrow key, and it jumps straight to the next part of your log that's centred on a column in your fuel table

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Oh thanks... 

Yes it's fine currently, would just speed things up slightly. 

Actually after helping a friend tune an MX5 this weekend just gone with a competitor's ECU I've come to appreciate just how awesome the Link datalogging is!

It make all the difference.

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Hi Davidv,

I was mistaken also, for some reason I thought the team where back next week but they are back now.

Yes the LINK software etc is really a very good thing, like any product there is always room for improvement, but without feed back and suggestions from people such as yourself products and software just go stagnet.

And that certainly is definitely not the case with this company LINK, the world really don't know what they are missing out on by using other products,

Thanks again for your feed back.

The idea will be passed on.



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