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G4 Atom k24 honda trigger setting


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Hi guys. I have a k24 race engine we have installed an g4 atom. It only runs the crank sensor and no camshaft sensor and set to run wasted spark. Can someone tell me what to set the crank trigger settings too? It has a 12+1 tooth wheel. The link options have k24 but they are for cam an crank options not just crank.


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Hi tnt,

So you have a K24 engine but all you have done is deleted the Cam sensor and set the ignition up as wasted spark.

If this is what you have done then you could try the following.

Select the K24 as the TRIGGER PATTERN.

Then go to TRIGGER 2, this can be set to Reluctor or Hall does not matter, what is VERY important is that you select the SYNC MODE as NONE.

I can not guarantee this will work , but apart from having a new Trigger Pattern written which wont happen as LINK is closed still until next week.

The theory here is that the K24 pattern is expecting to see the 12 +1 tooth count on TRIGGER ONE so this should be fine.

You have also told the ECU to not worry about TRIGGER 2 as it is set to NONE.

Unfortunately you can setup multi tooth, multi tooth missing, but not multi tooth plus tooth.

Try this and see how you get on.




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