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Hall effect sensors happy to run partly in hot oil?

Chris Wilson

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I will need a Hall effect cam position sensor that will run, pick up side, in a hot engine oil environment and has provision to seal into or against a flat  plate. I have used Bosch 0 232 103 022 sensors in the past, but these have been in fresh air. I am not sure whether they would like or even tolerate a hot, wet oily environment. I work on lots of 2JZ-GTE Supra twin turbo engines and these have 2 cam position sensors that pick up off pegs cast into the intake cam, and run bathed in hot oil on the engine side, within the cam box of the head. I think they are magnetic, not Hall effect though, and are rather big. They are also very expensive, new.

Has anyone any ideas for a Hall sensor that is happy with half of itself in hot oil, can be sealed to a flat surface, and is reasonably priced and easily sourced? Ford TDCi ones seem to look as if they are designed to run in oil, and are cheap. Are they Hall effect though? Connector plug and pin availability is also a thought! Thanks.

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Hi Chris,

just a quick suggestion only one of the inlet cam sensors are used for full sequential fuel and spark, so you always have a second sensor spare to use anyway.

Just swap the sensor should you have one fail.

Or do you have other plans for the setup that you have not suggested.

May I ask why you are set on using HALL EFFECT sensors and no MAG RELUCTORS, that only require 2 wires,don't require a reference voltage and generate their own power which creates a sine wave that can be increased with rpm and or air gap.




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