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pinout and pid for bosch e-throttle


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Hi all,

I was wondering if somebody would have the settings and pinout for Bosch 0 205 003 042 e-throttle available. 

Its used in Mercedes-bench applications atleast a lot. i tried looking for the data on the internets but came up short :/

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you can measure resistance on pins

is it 8 pin or 6 pin ?


if it is 6 pin than you have

GND, +5V, feedback1 feedback2, motor (+), motor (-)

i might be wrong it was long time ago i done this with my ford pedal and vw throttle body but its working :D

while you are opening throttle blade with fingers 

resistance between +5v and ground should be same

resistance between +5v and feedback1 should rise

resistance between +5v and feedback2 should fall

 (+) (-) should be short circuit

so now you know pinout


and for the PID settings, use this :)






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