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3SGE Beams Single vvti V88 base map

Beams AE82

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Hi all.

I am making progress with my build and conversion. My basic engine setup is a Single VVT 3SGE Beams engine. It will run 4age 45mm individual Throttle bodies, individual coil on plug setup per original fitment and I plan to control the Intake cam and monitor and control Knock and wideband AFR. I will do some headwork, change cams and run slightly higher compression ratio.


I have a Vipec V88 ECU that will be used to run the engine. Does anyone have a base map for the single VVT, or dual VVT blacktop engines that they can share with me? It would be super to be able to start off with a Map intended for an ITB setup on this motor.





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Hey Rob,

There's a blacktop 3SGE basemap iin the standard ECU files that you can start from.

I have started with the blacktop map and then just turned off the exhaust side VVTI, the factory trigger settings etc work for a redtop engine fine.

Then from there you just need to reconfigure it to suit your wiring and the features that your motor has, I dont think a base map for fuel and ignition really helps much because it depends on so many individual factors from your engine.

It's super easy using mixture map or datalogging to get your fuel sorted really quickly, the ignition timing in the base map is very conservative so you wont blow up your motor but you'll need to be wary of EGTs getting high as I melted an alternator from having a super hot exhaust thanks to this.

I have some ignition timing and VVTI settings that I can share with you, which will be a "first start" but you'll still need to get your engine tuned to suit.

The length of your intake runners will determine the shape of your fuel and ignition maps so my settings wont be exactly right for your engine, as well as that you'll be using TPS based load instead of MAP.

Dont get too caught up on the idea of a base map to be honest it's all easy stuff.

Where abouts are you based?


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Hi Dave. 


Wow, late response from my side, sorry. I'm based in Port Elizabeth, RSA but have been I  Europe for the past few weeks. 2 to go and then i return  home.


Thanks a mil for your valuable input.


I'd really appreciate it if you could share your map with me. more than anything I'd like to familiarise myself with the basic setup parameters you have chosen. 


Are you running plenum and single throttle body or individual throttle bodies?




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