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Dialing in AFRs with the older Link software


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Subaru V10 plugin, latest firmware updated

for some reason I am only able to connect to the board using older PCLink 4.10 software, and I can't find a very useful option that I used in Vipec, where I would just drive the car which logging in the background, if would record all fuel cells incorrections and then just by clicking them the software would calculate the proper value for the fuel table

in the Link, I only found manual or auto tune which requires me to stay in a given cell for a certain amount of time to auto-correct it, great thing on a dyno, but not when you are trying to dial in a base fuel map on the road

Is there a way to use this function on PCLink, or perhaps a bypass to force the board work with Vipec software? 

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Thats the "mixture map". Download and install the vipec software from the same era. Then find the layout file in its folders. Copy it over to links folder and replace the old one. Hepp!


But beware you will need to set up your layout again as this will set it back to default...

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