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IAT Setup 04 STi USDM


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Getting my base map setup and running into a little confusion on the IAT configuration.  Im a newb to Link so take it easy on me!  Normally for Speed Density on these cars were running COBB AP, and they either retain the maf and use air temp from that, or we install a gm style IAT and we wire this into the MAF IAT and set the scaling for the sensor used in the software. 

In PCink under analog inputs I see MAF Air Temp.  Do I need to change the Analog Temp #2  from MAF to Inlet Air Temp, and change the sensor Type to match my sensor and thats it?  Do I need to adjust the Error Low and High and Error Value?  They show voltages and dont change to a resistance value when the sensor type is changed. Also the Error Temp is quite low by default.

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Yes, you'll want to change your An Temp 2 to an IAT input from MAF. If your sensor type is there you can just select it and the software will apply the correct calibration table, with correct units, I.E degrees Celsius, not voltage or ohms of resistance. 

However, if not, you can change one of the tables to what calibration data you have for a specific input, this is where you want to address your input units too. 

Dont forget to store or save changes once all is done. 

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