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Throttle tromp AFR chaos


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HI Gents,

Just changed to a 90mm single blade TB due to restrictions with the previous 4 barrell progressiveTB, 90mm is the correct size for this supercharged SBC at full throttle, I am seeing significant AFR lean spikes not present before, I assume this is due to the more dramatic opening with low air speed from idle, I have played extensively with accelerator enrichment settings, amount, duration etc,  but ended up back were I started, increasing enrichment only made the out of bounds rich AFR rebound get larger while having no impact on the lean spikes at all, can someone have a look at the attached LOG file and offer some advice. Look at the underload 100% tromp at the end of the recording,  use Lambda 2, as Lamba 1 has a fault, ignore fuel pressure as I had it re-purposed at the time.



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