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Redtop Beams turbo swap & setting up

Mario Consiglieri

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I have posted my questions here before and received wonderful criteria for consideration, so I have decided to come back with one final consultation before I take my project track car down to the rolling road dyno where they will wrap up final wiring, ecu installation, and base tune.

I am at the point where I I am starting to wrap up the engine compartment - i.e, pcv routing, 3-way compressor control valve (Pierburg), fuel rail pressure regulator, and I would really appreciate some help with understanding what Link/Vipec preferred equipment is for my project.

Engine Specs

1998-2005 Beams Redtop 3sge JDM engine

Brian Crower Titanium Valve retainers and sportline valve springs.

custom exhaust manifold ceramic coated

toyota ct-26 turbo

Due to the Beams high compression ratio and general lacking of Ethanol availability in my area (425/206), I am restricted to a target of 300whp/370ft.lbs.

Since I am looking for a greatly powered and fuel smart daily, I am shooting for peak torque around 2800-3200rpm. I know that high compression will spool the turbo

quickly and realistically I am not planning on getting the revs past 6800 revs (even with the valve hardware to prolong valvetrain fatigue).


Radiator is st205 2" thick core with twin 12" fans pushing fresh air

Chargecooler is 20"x6.25"x2" core flowing enough CFM to keep ct26 in its efficiency island from initial boost through targeted rev range (I do have some play here as VVT-I cam phasing can be targeted with integrated maf sensor readings indicating intake temps and velocity to isolate cam efficiencies and deficiencies alike).

What sensors and what brand are recommended for use with Link G4 Extreme/Vipec V44 as

far as familiarity and pre-programming options in ecu configuration.


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