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FWD Auto DSM - 4g63 powered by Link Fury

Joe Bucci

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Hey guys. Long time DSM guy here. My current project is a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It will be fitted with an early 4G63 engine and Front Wheel Drive automatic transmission.


The Link Fury I bought will be my first Link ECU. I have worked with Haltech in the past as well as factory programmable ECUs (DSMLink/ECMLink) and piggy-backs (VPC/GCC/ITC, AFC-II).


I have been focused on building the chassis for some time. It was stripped and media blasted, then caged by Fathouse Fabrications in Indiana. I have collected various lightweight parts such as a chromoly K-Member and Wilwood brakes, as well as fiberglass and carbon body panels.


The build head is complete. The bottom end is at the machine shop now. The transmission is just about ready. Time to mock it all up and start building the engine harness and wiring the chassis.


The car will start with a modest turbo set-up, but the plan is for it to ultimately be a SFWD car. 72mm turbo, 24.5" tire, Air to Air, electric fuel pump, all glass, steel doors, 2400 lbs.


I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions, but it looks like there are plenty of smart people in this forum to answer them.


Any other people with 4G63 powered vehicles and Link Engine Management?


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Hey Matt!

This build has been happening in chunks when time and money permit.

I recently picked up a bunch of missing pieces and have been making good progress.

The Trans is done and I have begun assembling the engine. Hoping to install the engine and trans very soon so I can start building the wiring harness.

I have also been working on getting the fuel system, suspension and brakes finished in the rear.

Hope to have all this finished soon so I can get paint on it.

Hope to have it running by the end of the year and racing in the spring.

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