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Ignition angle in logs vs table


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So i just did a logged pull and noticed something disturbing. My timing should have been around 21* btdc but the log showed over 40*.

The table had 19* plus a 4d overlay of 2* while my meth injection is spraying. Do you see any reason why this would happen? Could the overlay table cause this?

Did my motor really see 40*+timing at 11psi1091614682_Screenshot(1).thumb.png.7863c505bc3ec107c8ce94302d961993.png

Screenshot (2).png

FORD 363.pclr

meth pull.llg

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You havent logged a lot of parameters so its hard to check exactly how this happened, but yep your log says you had 40.6* at 185kpa. 

Looking at your config I think this has happened because you have dual ignition table set in overlay mode (ie table 1 + table 2 = value to use). Looking at the rest of your config you either didnt intend for this to be used at all (4d ign used instead), or you intended to have it in interpolate/switchover mode between the 2 ign tables (table 2 is roughly 1* higher values than table1, and your "enable" switch for table2 overlay is the say DI9 meth switch you use for 4d enable). You probably want to set dual ignition to disabled given you are handling this in 4d overlay anyway.



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