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Fuel Table Cell Numbers


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How important is it to get the fuel table cell numbers close to 50 in the middle of the table as stated in the help files? I have not gotten that far into the table yet without a proper dyno and knock gear, but with the rate I am going my numbers seem to be around the 30's, low 40's in the middle. What would be my next approach to get these values a little higher? Perhaps start by changing my Master fuel from 8ms down to 6ms and do the correct calculation on the fuel table to bring my AFR's back into target? 
I also need a little better explanation on what the master fuel trim % does? Mine is currently set to 0%. I can't quite grasp the understanding that the help file information is giving me. 

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Its just so you have some resolution to play with. There is no "magic" to having 50's in the middle. 

In traditional mode the master fuel value is how long the injectors open for at 100kpa if the fuel value is 100. Any value in the 100kpa line is basically what percentage of the master value is going to be used. 

master fuel trim is bascially just there to let to put decimal points into the master fuel number. ie you cant enter 10.5ms, but you can enter 10ms, and then 5% fuel trim. So 10ms and 10% fuel trim is the same as just entering 11ms and 0% fuel trim. 

If you're tuning from scratch I dont see a reason you'd use it. More likely it would be if you put in new injectors that were a few % off your old ones, or new engine parts that changed your VE just a fraction but equally across the whole fuel table

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