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MR2LINK G4 V2 V3 pinout


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i'm the owner of an USDM 93' MR2 Turbo and a G4+ plug in V2-V3 link Ecu.

My questions :
What about the EPHS ? no pinouts on the Link ecu for this...
What about the stop light switch, ABS, the taillight relay defogger switch ?
The intercooler fan will be functional ?
Thanks a lot



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The intercooler fan is controlled by its own controller - the other smaller box next to the ECU. You'll see there is a temp sensor on the underside of the rear engine cover that also wires to this cooling ecu.

The taillight relay and stop light switch are just for primitive electrical load detection. Properly tuned closed loop idle or ignition idle control means they arent needed.

There are a couple posts in this thread around the EHPS control on SW20 pumps. short version is it will work pretty well with no ECU inputs at all, but you can add them for additional control if you want. the vss signal that adds/removes assistance is comes from the dash (as long as you still have a factory dash)


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