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Low RPM during cold start idling

Edmand Hon

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Hi.. i'm having issue with my cold start.. when i start my engine, the RPM dropped till 800rpm and the engine almost wanna stall but when the water temp. reached >70 degree.. everything goes back to normal at 1.1K RPM and the idling is very smooth... anyway to increase the rpm for idling in between 30-70 degree Celsius? 

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This table here should have coolant temp as the X axis. bump up the numbers for the lower temperatures. The exact number depends on your idle valve type and throttle screw position but from your description the value at 70-80 deg is correct. it should increase roughly linearly as it gets colder. Best way to tune this is usually to start from dead cold, then tune each cell until you get the value you want, then wait a minute for the coolant temp to increase until you are centered on the next cell, then tune that one.

This all assume that you have idle speed control enabled and set to open loop. If you try the above and it doesnt work as planned we will need a pclr file and log of it warming up to see what else might be going on.

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