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ECU Hold Power wiring problem


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am having a problem with the ECU Hold Power wiring on A G4+ Fury

The configuration works... IE it shows the IGN Switch on and the ECU Hold Power active...and after the key is shut off it stays on for the correct amount of time as set in the Keep Alive time. Problem is when it shuts off it back feeds into the main relay and it clicks on and off until I depower it, and then it is fine until I cycle key and and it starts again. 

Any ideas where to start?

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SO....I originally had it wired like Example 2 in the wiring help file..  I used an ingector driver as the ECU Hold output.  It wouldn't work that way....


So I rewired it like example 1 ....and it works perfectly.


Not sure whats up with that, but I guess straining my brain to figure out why isn't that important ;)

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