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Honda pcl files


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Hi there all !

I'm on the hunt for a map that would be a good starting point for tuning .

I've built a bit of a strange one as far as honda go.

I have B20a on itbs and wasted spark ignition , fairly large cams and high compression for street use .

I am hoping there is some one out there that has done some thing similar with a b18c or other b series with vtec eliminator cams that would be a usable starting point.

Any help would be awesome .


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if you ask me I would start with the rom of the plug and play option for the civic, I have use b16 roms on all 90' honda engine and they are always a good starting point, cause is such a simple engine anything would do the job. the Vtec killer with large cams is gonna be a pain in the us to drive on the street, but is gonna sound amazing when the cams match the engine at hight rpm. I would stay under 28° or even 26° at wot before going to the dyno to be safe.

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