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G4 plug in BMW E36


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I'm searching information about the wiring of the G4 plug-in Ecu for BMW e36.

A friend swap engine from L6 2.8L to L4 2L according to F2000 french rally legislation.

So, I'd to build for him a new engine loom

In the user guide, there is the a partial wiring: you can find only 1 GND for both ecu supply and sensor signal.

In the BMW Electrical manual, sensor GND existing (pin44): but not sure it is used by the Link....

If someone can help me...






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Assuming that the original engine was an M50, the information I have shows pin 44 as the ground for engine intake air temperature, engine coolant temperature sensor and throttle position sensor.  The ground wire for those sensors should run to that pin.

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