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High to low impedance injectors

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I'm modifying my fuel rail to accept top feed injectors. what i've noticed is most top feed are low impedance which will mean i have to run a resistor pack.

i have a few options here.

1. to change the resistance. i know the plug and play boards dont have the peak & hold drivers so my only option is to wire in a resistor pack, could i use the GTR pack and would i need to change anything in the software after doing this?

2. i was looking at the injector dynamics injectors but they dont have anything for rb25. i know the sr20 are the same (but only supply 4), but the 350z/g35 injectors look the same as the sr20 and come as 6. does anyone have any experience with these for the rb25det?

3. does anyone know of any other company that makes 1000+cc injectors for rb25?

is there a formula for working out injector dead times anyone could pass on?



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thanks for that mate.

the reason i wanted to convert to low impedance is because of the wider (and cheaper) range of injectors available. i'd be saving around $400 when looking at a set of 14mm low impedance 1000cc delphi injectors for example. then upgrading to 2000cc once my 3L is built down the line.

do the vipec P&H driver box and GTR resistor pack so the same thing?

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I use the Siemens 60lb injectors in a lot of Nissan six cylinders. They will give enough fuel for over 500 hp at the wheels. They are 12 ohm, have a wide spray pattern which suits the twin port intakes. You will need a new fuel rail to use them, as they are top feed.

If you use injectors with less then 6 ohms, and the V44 is a older version without the LED near the connector, you will need resistors or the P&H box.


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my realistic aim is 400hp on the current motor - once i build my 3L it will upwards of 500hp. the injectors will need to take E85 also.

the siemens 60lb injectors are high impedance 12.5 ohm. from what you're saying it looks as though i wont need a resister box for these, is that correct?

any idea on what size they are, Ray? 11 or 14mm?

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