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  1. Thanks mate have pinned it into DI5 as it says under the help section I can only use 1-6 for speed sensors. How do I actually set the DI up? Any help with some screen grabs would be handy thanks! EDIT: Think I’ve done it, just used the help and changed it from DI1 which itbwas set at and put it to DI5 which I wired in. Kept the settings at 220, which it was set at, if it needs adjusting I’ll just change it.
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  3. Will I need to wire in to for example: Aux 1: gearbox > ecu (can I use AUX for the speed sensor input wire? ) CAN: Dash 2 via CAN RT Lead
  4. Perfect thanks Adam! i saw RT we’ll signal converters for around £80 so if the ecu is smart enough to read either then running a wire to the ecu will save me a few quid!
  5. Now working! All up and running! Just need to connect up my wheel speed wire into the car loom from the RT dash 2 i have a FFE Hall sensor on my e-shaft for ignition cranking, I’ll just tap into the stock transmission speed sensor for wheel speed
  6. CANF connector, is the pin out from the ecu plug side or from the side you solder the wiring onto?..
  7. Ah cool mate thanks for looking, I’ll update the firmware this evening and see it if helps at all! Whats the latest version for the ecu’s currently? EDIT: Updated the firmware now.
  8. Here you go mate copy of the map/tune on the car.. see what you can find! All i have done to it was update the CAN settings as per the link guidance Cheers Toms map 2.8.18.pclr
  9. yes mate its one of their pre-programmed ones for the G4+ ECU'S. I have sent my Dash 2 config file off to RT to look at so will be good to know if that is correct or if there is any issues with how I have set it up. I will update the post as soon as i hear back from them!
  10. So got the CANF connector delivered, connected that onto the 2 pair twisted wires for the CAN H and L and still not showing the readings on my race tech display. Didn’t need a db9 connector as the RT CAN interface lead has them on it. So think it may be an issue the RT side of things. Seems I’m missing somthing, can’t get the ecu and display talking!
  11. So if I follow this diagram will this work for the CANSER cable as I believe this is the CANDASH diagram. if I cut the serial cable off and just connect up the CAN H and L from pin 3 and 4 to the CAN port interface serial connect plug I’m thinking this should work then?!
  12. Hey adam Thanks for that buddy Ive taken some pictures, as I’m wondering if I can cut the serial connector off the CANSER lead and then joint to the two wire High and Low serial connector, which then connects to the ecu labelled serial connector. Ive taken some pictures so you can see the RT lead. The only thing I need to know next is the pin out of the CANSER cable, so I know which wires to connect the red and white CAN wires to. i under stand the theory of it, just gotta work out if I cut the £50 CANSER lead or not hahaha Cheers Tom
  13. Hi Simon As I have the Dash 2 and not the Dash 2 pro, I don’t have a pin out directly t the dash for CAN. From my understanding the RT CAN interface lead help with this and converts the serial to CAN, https://www.race-technology.com/us/racing/products/ecu-interfaces/aftermarket-interfaces Do you know the pin out of the CANSER lead? in my mind I’m thinking to cut the serial connector off the end of the lead then connect it to the RT lead? The F connector may be handy buying as well I guess Or go for the Tom
  14. Hello chaps I’m having some issues connecting my extreme ecu with my race technology dash 2 display. I have the link canser lead so I can connect the ecu into my laptop and open the PC link software, change the CAN settings and apply the settings to transmit to my Dash 2. I also have a Race technology CAN interface lead which is Pre programmed for the Link G4+ ecu’s. So when I connect the Canser lead in and connect to the RT CAN interface lead it won’t connect to my ecu or dash 2. So I’m assuming that the serial connector on the canser and the serial connector pins don’t mate up? Or that I’m missing somthing else Any help wuld be great so eat so I can read my ecu settings on my dash 2!! Thanks
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