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  1. S172

    Clio 172 f4r

    Yeah just fine on the Renault rs 2 trigger setting
  2. S172

    Clio 172 f4r

    Yeah will do Adam I’ll sort a log and scope Yeah I’m confident in the trigger as like you said obviously it’s runs but I’m was leaning towards maybe a weak spark at low rpm as I’m not to sure if The Renault coil has built in igniters I have a loss of timing light flash but I’m probably going in to deep I probably need to step back and take a minute
  3. S172

    Clio 172 f4r

    Yeah I believe so about the wiring and the trigger it has 1 long tooth then one long gap OEM flywheel I have modified a flywheel ready but my plan was the run it up as near to stock as possible so I can get a good base map on it .and then start modifying tuning it .I can run it at various degrees btdc 20 etc at higher idle speeds but as soon as I try to get near stock 10 btdc and around 800 rpm it’s just gives up my Afr’s are good so yeah getting a bit pieed of lOl and it’s Cained a full tank of v max just messing about with this lol
  4. S172

    Clio 172 f4r

    Yeah I believe I’ve spoke to you about this before Adam as it’s Scott from mk autos I contacted you through Martin before yeah you did say after a few scopes I’ve sent previously that on the trigger ATH That was to use 0.2 and 0.3 I will do some more scoping later on it just doesn’t seem to like coming below a 1000 rpm
  5. S172

    Clio 172 f4r

    Clio 172 Hello just wondering if anybody has got a stable idle or the correct engine timing when using the original Renault trigger wheel 60 big tooth missing tooth etc before I bit the bullet and swap a machined flywheel I was hoping just to get a map on the original engine before I fitted a Garret on it I’ve got it running but can’t seem to get anywhere near 10 btdc with my timing light on it I’m currently on a -58 offset I’ve no e throttle faults or engine faults
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