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  1. So one more issue, likely not related to the ECU at all. One of my coil packs is firing when I turn my key to On. This must be igniting some gas vapor in the cylinder and causes a backfire. This only happens after letting the car sit for an extended period of time. If it back fires I can then turn the key off, back on, nothing happens. I double checked all my coil plugs and they all seem to be wired correctly. I didn't detect any shorts anywhere. I am not sure which coil it is. The only thing I can think of is that the Ignition feedback line is unwired. However I can't imagine
  2. Not a problem. I plan to have it professionally tuned once I have all the bugs worked out. I just need something to get me started with. Thank you very much!
  3. @Vaughan Think you could share with me a base map, or at the very least your ignition settings?
  4. Awesome. Thank you for all your help! Finally I get to try and start this thing!
  5. I had some wiring issues. I put the 1.2k on my trig1, and nothing on my trig2. Fixed that and a few of the otther outputs. I discovered that all of my Cam pos gnd is on the shielded ground of the B plug. Will that cause any issue? Here is the scope. Trig2 rises to 3.69 and falls to 0.6 TriggerScopeFixed Trig2.llgx
  6. I thought I had it wired correctly. I just checked resistance between the pins on my trig2/ inlet cam, it didn't seem to be right. I am going to double check all the wiring tomorrow. Also my battery needs a charge now. I am 100% the resistor is 1.2k. I will try again tomorrow with the internal off, and scope. I pulled up my IAT because the spec sheet called for one. AEM 30-2014.
  7. TriggerScopeLog running 2.llgxTriggerScopeLog running.llgx You are correct. How do these look? I tried to open up my own logs, they seem to be empty? This is what the scope shows after clicking capture while cranking. Looks like trig2 jumps to about 1.1V. Trig1 seems to actually be working? Very new to all this, learning as I am going.
  8. I'm not quite sure if I captured with the trigger scope correctly, but here are the files I generated. It does look like my trig 1 is doing nothing. And my current tune. I have an AEM 3.5 bar MAP AEM IAT AEM flex fuel sensor 1000cc @43.5 psi injectors TriggerScopeLog.2llgx.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llgx.llgx config 1 BLUR2.pclx
  9. Well, This is interesting. Tonight I just added in these pull up resistors. However I used a 1.2k for Trig2, and 2.2k for the rest. I also added a 2.2k on my Temp1 IAT signal. Maybe I should just see if this works?
  10. Did you use 4 individual resistors or one spliced into the 4 of them? The internal pullup resistor can't be used for this? Does the ECT also need a pull up resistor? I am finding a lot of my 2 wire sensors require the 2k2 pull-up.
  11. My intake manifold currently only has one port that I was planning to use for my MAP sensor. It doesn't have an intake temp sensor. I would like to avoid drilling into it for an IAT sensor if possible. Can I use the stock MAF to compensate? or is the best solution to suck it up and install and IAT sensor after the supercharger? What is the recommended IAT sensor?
  12. Figured this would be the case. Thank you for the timely response. While I have this thread open I want to make sure I have my trigger 1 and 2 wiring correct. For Trig1 I will use Crank signal, does the ground input then go to the shielded gnd? For trig2 I would use bank 1 inlet cam signal and the other shielded gnd?
  13. I was planning to use 2x Bosch LSU 4.9.
  14. Hi All, I only just recently obtained my Link FuryX. I am using it on a Lotus Evora S motor (SC 2GRFE) in a SW20 MR2. I would like to use 2 wideband o2 sensors, 1 on each bank. The Fury has one dedicated controller. Is it possible to use that to control both o2 sensors? If not, can I use spare I/O to control the second? Am I stuck with finding another controller? Thank you
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