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  1. tks for the reply. About the injector, from the standard setting I saw in the table are 12ms for the Dead time, is that the basic setting for the Injector but what size injector?
  2. Ya, that's cool Bro. If you can help us with the setup than I am sure we can have find some one to do the final tune for us. As for now we will have to complete the Engine first. Get all the items that need to be done on the engine before we will start with the EMS(LinkEVO3).. I will keep up date of the engine items that we have put in.. than once complete the engine, I will need all the help I can get to set up the ECU.. tks...for your help
  3. Can we use other manufacture Map Sensor other than the Link Map Sensor(internal) for the EVOLink3? Like GM 3bar...etc What should I set the Master(?ms) if I use 850cc injector for a 2.2L 4G63 Turbo. And how to measure if I change to 1000cc Injector in the future...
  4. Tks As for when I purchase the EVOLinkG3, is the unit come with base map(For EVO3)? Is it save to drive with Base map? I have some friend which have Wide Band Sensor with data log, so the only things to do the tunning will be on street, where we need to get a good road which have no car on it. Where we use it to tune the E-Manage Ultimate. O do you have any dealer in Malaysia, what are the requirment to become a dealer? And any help possible with the tunning, when we went into some problem....
  5. O good, When do you know the Auto Tune will come out?
  6. Tks Bro. So I can take away MAF right?. And Need the add the Air Temp too right?. As for the Base Map. Would it be possible That I send out the detail on what we have don't with the engine and than can ask them to do a map accounding to the Spec and Detail that I send out to them? As my area are not easy to find a good Tuner, or any Link Dealer at this area. O do Link provide tranning? please provide the detail if they have provide tranning on how to tune up they ECU(map)...etc
  7. Any one use the new EVOlinkG3 on an evo 3 before?. is the unit come with MAP sensor, and Air Temp Sensor, as I like to take way the MAF for my car.. is the unit come with Base map, any support for some area where not easy to get good Mechanic to tune...etc please send information on what mod is your car.. as I am looking to buy it.. regards Maxwell
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