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  1. afr reading

    Its been working perfectly,until recently,have to check the setting. Regards david
  2. afr reading

    I have a v88,also a autronic gas analyzer,the problem is,that gas analyzer reads the fuel correctly,i have lastest software in my ecu,but program reads the fuel as 25,which all the time. Regards david
  3. Leaving the tuning cable in full time - interference?

    i leave my lead plug in all the time,no problems with mine. regards david
  4. When is next VTS update ready?

    The last update was 24/6/14,thats 1year it would be good for a update.
  5. small backfire in the exhaust.

    david, using ls1 coils,cam is standard,when the engine is hot,I will check afr reading,I am the autronic gas analliser B.As I changed the throttle body the otherday,there not different.
  6. small backfire in the exhaust.

    Got a small backfire in the exhaust when turn the engine off.I am sure that unburnt fuel doing this.I am using a v88,engine is a 4g63 engine,what's best way to cure this problem. regards david
  7. honeywell gt 101 sensor

    got the gt101all calibrated, which was very easy to do,its about 1.3 kph out, so thats good enough, the number was 498.
  8. gt101 sensor

    Ben and David, Well good news,, I found the problem, when I crimped the deutz plug pin, as there was no contunity, from pin to ecu, I do not know, replaced pin all good now, just got to go calibrate now. thanks guys for your input.
  9. gt101 sensor

    well worked out the problem, its in the wiring, I have to check tomorrow, as I ran another set of wires from the ecu to the gt 101 sensor, and it worked, so the problem in the wiring, I used the proper cable wire, I used deutz plugs as well, as soon as I put steel nnear the sensor, I seen a reading, which I am happy, so got to nut out the problem. regards david
  10. gt101 sensor

    Ben, I have seen those diode testers, I will go buy one tomorrow.thanks Ben
  11. gt101 sensor

    here another photo.
  12. gt101 sensor

    here a photo not the clearance, has been chopped down regards david
  13. gt101 sensor

    ttaken photo of with my phone but its to big.
  14. gt101 sensor

    David, have check the distances out, also I am using 8volts.As specified in the manual. regards david
  15. gt101 sensor

    these bolts are not magnetised,could this be problem.the collar is alloy,but bolts aren't magnetised but made of steel.i have no testing quipment,other than a multimeter. regards david