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  1. so removing the white and yellow 232 wires from the CANBUS port inside the ecu will let you have usb and can bus working at the same time? sorry just want to double check before I open it up. thanks again!
  2. Agreed, I signed up a year ago and never looked back. Some seriously awesome information and a great resource
  3. I got it all working now except my vehicle speed sensor https://www.marlincrawler.com/transfer-case/parts-upgrade/vehicle-speed-sensor-mci wired as they show, and I have it going to Digital input 1 on my vipec and left it the way it was Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I can open the menu and change the high lighted but it doesnt accept it, also my SN in that menu is "1" for everything which I believe to part of the problem, I have contacted racepak but no response yet. I wonder if its because the software key that came with it wouldnt load, and I didnt get an unlock code for it UPDATE Just got home, took the racepak out of dash, unplugged everything and let sit for a few minutes, plugged it all back and now I am seeing the same channels as your screen shot on my data link software Huge thanks to VIPEC support for not only giving so much help but actually responding! You guys have been amazing to deal from start to finish ....wish the same could be said for racepak..... not even a response yet... Go Vipec Go!
  5. Yes sir, that end is in the back of the racepak iq3 dash with the other end plugging into the CAN on my v88
  6. Thanks! I am glad to hear you don't need a logger It does read, it gives a pop up saying some channels cant be read, I hit ok to remove, removes a few and changes a few. but nothing at all like the screen shot you posted. That would make sense. The "adapter" is a vnet to can bus cable with a 3 prong union in the middle, Do you know of anyway to test the adapter?
  7. I appreciate the timely responses and effort! When I go into datalink2 and read vnet it doesnt give me the EFI options, I will screen shot it when home. But it does appear to be on the racepak side. Do you know if the racepak requires a logger to work with the vi-pec? I have posted on there forum but they still havent responded
  8. went and bought a new serial to usb as well to eliminate some variables, will try again after work Also just got my ecu back from having the CAN enabled as it was a pre S/N I cannot have the can and serial plugged in at the same time on my V88. I dont care, but my buddy with a v88 said that is not supposed to happen Thoughts?
  9. I got the VNET to CAN bus module cable, 230-VM-EFIVIPEC - VIPEC EFI Interface
  10. Hey guys/gals Looking for any help possible configuring the v88 with a non logging racepak iq3 I just got my vipec sent back after the CAN bus enabling, I know I cant have lap top usb and dash plugged into ecu at the same, I have gone to the config on the vipec and baud set to 57600 data stream mode to short under the options can setup channel one is set to transmit, and I just loaded the generic dash map on the racepak I did the config read vnet but the only channels it left me with were either gps ones or just the dash. regardless no matter what I try I cant see info from the vipec any help is greatly appreciated Thanks -Nic
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