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  1. Thanks gents I think I got it now *fingers crossed*
  2. Gidday folks I have just installed some R35 coils in my RB26 (R32 GTR) - previously standard. I have a single table of recommended dwell times for the coils. (as below) Recommended dwell settings: 5.0ms @ 8v 4.8ms @ 9v 4.7ms @ 10v 4.6ms @ 11v 4.4ms @ 12v 4.2ms @ 13v 4.1ms @ 14v 4.0ms @ 15v 3.8ms @ 16v when I went to look at the table (because I'm a noob) I expected to see a single column to adjust these settings but was met with a table with multiple columns. I don't plan on going into the tuners for another month but would to get this fixed up as I am a little
  3. Legend thanks mate, appreciate your reply...
  4. Hi all I am eventually looking into getting like a link dash and I want as much standard info feed into that as possible, as well as ditching my blitz 4 stage boost controller and let the ecu take care of it Can I please have some recommendations on what to get. - my AEM gauge 02 sensor has packed it so I would like that info passed through the ecu, I guess it should already be getting AIT and Oil pressure, I know it isn't getting boost as that is displayed on a gauge and controlled via controller (only during tuning) My car is a R32GTR ECU = Link G4+ thanks for your time
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