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  1. FYI- I was using real dash successfully until I got a new device with USB-C I tried a few usb-usb C adapters that claimed to have OTG compatibility with no success.

    I did some more research and found this 3 pack for $7 USD  https://www.amazon.com/Weduda-Adapter-Charging-Converter-Samsung/dp/B075QH2YB7 So now, using my usb-micro usb OTG cable from before, and this micro to USB C, everything works again. Thought I would throw that out there in case anyone else was having USB C issues. 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    Yep, all sounds doable. We can use the built-in IC Spray function to handle your "auto" mode and just a timer to override the same aux output for the manual switch.  I will try to remember to come back to this later when it's quiet and post an example.


    It looks like our pinout and pin functions list is out of date.  Assuming your ECU is less than about a year old then it will have the 2nd expansion connector and these pins you need.  I will pass that on to get it updated in the next release


    Thanks! I would love to see an example to get me pointed in the right direction.


    I purchased it from a Link dealer in July 2016. Unfortunately I didn’t install it until this year. Does this mean that even though the physical connector Is on the board, it’s not functional?

  3. Two parts:

    First: WRX V3-4 PNP G4+  I am hoping to use two switches, manual and auto, to let the G4+ drive the water spray vs the external timer. I would like the manual button to spray via the G4+ for a designated time period (5 sec or so) and then shut off every time its pressed. I would like the auto button to enable the G4+ to control spray (based on manifold pressure or maybe IAT) while the switch is latched in the on position. What is the preferred way to set this up? I am guessing I'll need a Digital input for each switch and then an Aux output to trigger the sprayer relay?

    Second: everything from the factory harness is hooked up to the associated inputs on the G4+ including A/C, purge solenoid, neutral switch etc. What extra inputs and outputs are available to me? I have an expansion harness and it looks like I can gain the functionality by plugging it into Expansion connector 2 (DI 9, DI 10 for switch inputs and Ign 7 or 8 as the output?) Expansion connector 2 is clearly listed as being available in the installation manual (4.3.1) but is missing from the Pinouts diagram (9.1) Is this available to me? (I really hope it's actually available as Expansion connector 1 doesn't have any extra outputs from what I can see.) Also, DI5 and DI6 are listed as Power Steering switch inputs, which my model does not have, but on the pinout diagram, DI5 and DI6 are listed as being on Expansion connector 1?? This Does not make sense. 

    Thanks for any input or direction you may be able provide! Still learning this thing!



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