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  1. On the boost control trims, we have a GP trim that on the help file say only work on openloop. I found it great to use it for example to lower the boost if exhaust temp get to high. But for what I see on the software, it doesnt really apply on closeloop, I'm right? If so would be great to have that trim as a GP target trimp aswell. 

  2. 4 hours ago, TechDave said:

    You can do this by way of a virtual aux, but I'll ask them to add the Aux/ign/inj outputs too.

    yes you can get around that, but is a lot easier and faster to just have the ability to use an output like in the g4+, is not a bug, it would just be easier. 

  3. I was trying to make a Nissan VVL (sr20ve) map, with dual Fuel map and ignition map, but you dont have the option to make the change from one map to the other with a output, Just virtual aux, di, candi, etc, but not the outputs like in the G4+, And the help file mension that you can use a output to trigger the change on the maps. I'm guessing that need to be fix.

  4. 19 hours ago, Adamw said:

    List below of currently supported inputs via CAN.  So Oil press is there, exhaust temp is there (would go to one of the "CAN TC Cyl#" channels), but there is no oil temp CAN input.  If you just want to log it or use it for safeties etc then you could bring oil temp in as say "CAN TC Cyl 8", you would still be able to use it for anything you can use oil temp for but it would just be named wrong.

    And yes the AEM dash can send this info to the ecu - however the AEM dash doesnot have any analog inputs - how are you wiring these sensors to the dash?


    Well the oil temp Is actually not that important because has never been really a problem, if the dash shows the oil temp Is More than enought, i can wire the sensors With a External module that you wire To the dash Is actually aem to. The guys at aem said that it can't be done. That the dash can send info but not that kind of info. If you have done it ir try it i Will like to know.



  5. Talking about info vía CAN, with a Atom2 G4+, i know i can send information vía can to my dash (aem cd5 with logger), the question can i send information that Is not wire To the ECU but Is wire To the dash (oil temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp) be send to the ECU vía can from my dash?



  6. On 11/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, Booston said:

    Any detailed info would greatly be appreciated. Had some very worrying lean condition without any way of knowing until logs checked !!!!


    On 11/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, Booston said:

    Any detailed info would greatly be appreciated. Had some very worrying lean condition without any way of knowing until logs checked !!!!!!


    I ussually set a gp limits with x axis being lambda and Y axis load, that way you decide how much boost you accept at a define afr. If you have a worrying lean spot and you are trusting in the closeloop doing all the work, you should spend some times tuning your Fuel map with the CL off

  7. 15 hours ago, Sheikh ikhwan said:

    Greetings link's community, is there any way for link atom ll to control boost mainly external wastegate application like the MAC boost controller? running 4g15 stroker 1.6 single cam. The dilemma is do i have to change to better ecu's for boosting? i hope someone can share their piece of motorsport experience. cheers!

    you can use it, we have used even on high power 6 cylinder road racing engines (+600hp engines). You just can log everything even if you have the sensor but is a good "cheap" option, and can log a lot of data.

  8. 21 hours ago, JACOB SPORT said:

    Good evening,
    I am looking for a base map for a V8 LS7 Chevrolet engine.
    I have big doubts about how I made the configuration.
    she does not start.
    thank you in advance

    I have a storm wire to a LS7 engine, is a turbo setup but, should work either way. Send me your email address so I can email the file from my other laptop.

  9. 3 hours ago, Adamw said:

    I have done a couple of NA circuit cars where I have good data from petrol vs E85.  I saw engine coolant temp probably about 3°C lower on average (no thermostats) even though they were making about 4% higher power.  I have never had trouble with high engine temp however, that suggests the heat exchanger system is inadequate. 

    Yes you can always improve the cooling system, but I'm talking about engines with 100-150whp per cylinders, in roadracing na engine we usually don't have engine temp problems, thanks for the info, 3 degrees is not gonna cut it.

  10. In roadracing cars engine temp is a big problem with high power engines, I have never really try e85 to lower engine temp, I have seen that even race fuel lower egt and e85 aswell but I have not yet try it and check if it lower engine temp, have someone go from pump gas to e85 or racefuel and see lower engine temps?



  11. the dyno is gonna be your best friend for vvt tuning, cause is not na you can just see your lambda to check that your VE is increasing or decreasing (more or less power). cause you are FI sometimes you can see higher boost but doesnt necessarily mean you are making more power (at least in turbo engines)

  12. On 7/9/2019 at 8:07 AM, SC350Z said:

    Hi Adam thanks for reply and your advice. :)

    No i don't have any misfire so far. at least nothing logged into the ecu. Only event I have is "rpm limit"....which was not happening before, or at least I didn't notice since ecu statistics was reporting a max engine speed above rpm limit of 6700rpm. Now seems to be cutting around 6400/6500rpm from logs. Anything I can do?


    Attached my tune, would you be so kind to have a look? just for an advice in case of any. :)




    i dont see any tune.


    On 7/9/2019 at 5:22 AM, Adamw said:

    I would only increase dwell if you were getting noticable misfires.  If it ran fine with the orignal lower dwell then you are only heating the coils more and shortening their life by giving it more dwell.

    thats right, you can even lower the dwell until you lose power on the dyno or have misfire (sometimes you are gonna see lost on power before hearing a misfire), and then rise the dwell until you stop gaining power, you want to have as lower dwell time as you can. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Kev Sheridan said:

    Hi, im trying to set up anti lag on an audi tt 1.8t but the ignition retard table was set to ect and idle error, so I changed axis to engine speed and tp main but can't enter a value above 0 in the table. can anbody tell me how I can adjust the maximum allowed value in the table please. Any advice much appreciated thank you 

     I will suggest to read the help section about antilag, but that table is in degrees that you are gonna take out of the ing table, so is all in negative numbers, thats why the software dont allows positive numbers on that table.

  14. For what I see you want to keep everything like stock, and unless you find a plug and play ecu with total support for the CAN on your car, you are not gonna have it. You can try install a ecu as a piggyback to have full control over the engine and leave the integration to the car to the stock ECU.

  15. On 7/25/2019 at 2:45 AM, Adamw said:

    It really needs to go to a tuner.  You cannot really guess how a different turbo is going to affect VE, and where it does it will likely need both fuel and ignition adjustments.

    yes it will need a retune, a safe way to start is to take out some timing and put more fuel everywhere on the boost area, is better to start rich that lean.



  16. On 5/20/2019 at 4:28 AM, dynoiasi said:

    You turn the knife where it hurts :D The problem with my build is that ridiculously I do not know exactly what turbo I am running :) All I know is that it is a T3/T4 hybrid with 60mm inducer and 50mm outlet size. I received it from someone I trusted (back then) when I started the build and he said it should be good for aroud 300hp. From then a lot of money flew into the build and I put together a pretty decent setup, however the capability of one of the main blocks (the turbocharger) is still not know to me.

    Update on my work: I installed the new MAC boost controller and started tweaking it on the street. At 90% PWM it looks like I can build around 0.8bar at 6000RPM which is decent for my goals. I get a HUGE immediate overboost when accelerating around 3500-4000RPM even with 70% Wastegate DC. So I guess the turbo is quite small and flows well up to 4000 but then it looses its momentum.

    So on the next tweaking session the plan is to try 100% wastegate DC in the high RPM zone and activate the closed loop boost control in order to keep the overoboost tendency in the low RPM's.  Especially if I step off/on the throttle I get immediate boost cut (set at 1 bar).

    I dont know what engine or specs are you running cause with that boost you could have 300hp, on some engines even more. If you have to much boost on the midrange you just need to adjust the WGDC map, you dont have to run let say 70-90% of WGDC you could run from 0 to 100 if you need it for your needs. Post a rom and log file to check it out.



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