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  1. Flandrs

    Overrun ign trim

    Thank you A bit confusing to adjust ignition under a fuel meny though..
  2. Flandrs

    Overrun ign trim

    Hi I'm not able to locate where this function is Overrun ign trim retards ignition -10 degrees... don't know where to adjust it.. I have dbw race evo Log 2020-03-24 8;23;30 pm.llg raceevo 20200324.pclr
  3. Thank's, i have it at 150hz now and it seems to work =)
  4. Wiring is Done and working i have a hella solid state relay so you think 100hz would be fine? The pump is a Davies and Craig Thanks for helping me out
  5. Hi I'm going to use a electric waterpump that i wan't to run with pwm control as i don't have any possibilties to have a thermostat. I have a Hella solid state relay and going to wire it 85 n/c 86 aux 7 pwm 30 + battery 87 + pump Now to the setup for the ECU, how should i set it up? What frequency and so on?? Anyone who could help me out with that? startad 2020.pclr
  6. Flandrs

    Gear indicator

    Hi is it possible to wire in a gearindicator display to the ecu and get it to work? i have link fury
  7. Hi i have a 2jz engine with belonging harness (oem) that is mounted into a mk4 n/a auto i cannot get any power to the ecu, i can get online though, i think power is going into the ecu somewhere else, i have no power on the red wire on connector A. this unit that is between oem ecu connector and vipec ecu, i measured and to get 12v+ to the red wire, it should get ignition on to pin 31 instead of pin 1 as it is now. What should i do to process, new engine harness or is this fixable? cheers Anders
  8. Flandrs


    ok thank's for that. that will be very helpful for me.
  9. Flandrs


    Hi Is it possible to turn on lights etc with aux output when i have activated launch and launching and when i reach 2bar i want a light to turn on. Is it possible? Or if oilpressue gets to low? Would also like to get a clean Fury map if it is possible
  10. ok and yes the logg i have is wrong i saw that too but i haven't any saved or they has get lost.. if i find them i will let you know. Nope i have not shift from 3rd to 2nd gear by any time actually, and will probably never do that either. why the 4th gear doesn't work is another mechanical issue i need to work on and when it issues i need a revlimit that works without problems. Yes i know that with fuelcut but ignition cut is not good for the engine at high rpm Valves doesn't like it at all but if that is the solution to get a working revlimit that is what i have to do
  11. yes but you have 12k rpm at first, that is what i have to show you. really want this to work. it sucks to take apart whole engine because lack of revlimit... Just want to have absolutely 100% cut could be so that the second rail injectors doesn't shut off? here you can clearly hear the overrev when 4th gear doesn't want to work properly
  12. only found 1 logg as this was a while ago and i had forgotten about this issue.. Soon it's time again to run the car so it would be nice to have been sorted this out b1.llg flanders map .pclr
  13. 4g63 4 cyl yes i think i have logs left, it is nice peaks there
  14. Hey guys having sligthly problems with revlimit, if a gear not goes in i Will overrev the engine pretty hard as the ecu doesn’t cut fast enough. so what is your best solution for this? I have 8 injectors
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