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  1. littlefeck

    Staged tertiary injector

    Thanks Simon, I will look into that. there are 3 actuators on the RX8 manifold, 2 of which are vacuum driven and controlled via solenoids. The third one is a servo motor.
  2. littlefeck

    Staged tertiary injector

    I'm looking at setting up a link xtreme ECU on a Mazda RX8. This is a 2 rotor engine and stock has 3 injectors per rotor for 6 total. the second and third injectors do not operate until appropriate intake valves in the manifold have opened (secondary valve opens at approx 4k rpm and the tertiary opens at approx 6krpm). Is it possible to set up staged tertiary injection (I can only see options for secondary injection) or would it be easier just to run a larger secondary and drop the third injector.
  3. littlefeck

    G4+ Mazda RX8 CAN Bus

    Thanks Adam, haven' installed the ECU yet but thr info youve supplied should help out.
  4. littlefeck


    Hi Im looking for a base map for G4+ Xtreme for Mazda RX8?
  5. littlefeck

    Rx8 Bouncing Idle

    Hi I am in the process of installing a G4+ into a 6 Port RX*. Did you ever progress this any further? Id be interested in your map if available to get me started.
  6. littlefeck

    G4+ Mazda RX8 CAN Bus

    Has anyone any information for getting the stock RX8 Dash to work with the G4+ over CAN Bus?